Welcome to MyAAC. Our vision in creating this website is to give parents, special educators, speech therapists and anyone who is interested, a resource for basic information on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). There are plenty of websites out there that have wonderful information. This is just a way to simplify your search for information. It is our experience that information is thrown at parents/caregivers about using AAC, getting a device and implementing it, but then more questions arise. We will post basic vocabulary related to AAC, information about low tech and high tech options, what to expect in an evaluation, how to get an evaluation, questions about funding, what to do once you get the device as well as a forum to ask questions to AAC specialists. We want to educate everyone about the benefits of AAC! We are not here to make a decision for you or influence you in anyway, we are just here to give you the information you need!